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Tech, Law, and Dirt

Three things that make the world go round: technology, law, and real estate. I love them all. And I'm here to help.

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I like to build things, and I like automation. It's the type of attitude that gets you ahead in software engineering. But it's the same attitude that gets you ahead in real estate. Build up a portfolio, automate it, and let your machine do your work for you.

And I like the law. The law is the glue that ties the whole thing together, and it's the grease that keeps the cogs and wheels spinning. The law is your sword and your shield.

Let's Build Tech

Unity, C#, .NET, Oculus Quest / VR/ AR

I have three shipped titles and multiple DLCs for those titles. StarDrive (2011) was coded in the .NET stack using a microsoft toolkit called XNA. StarDrive 2 (2015) was coded in Unity. Longsword: Tabletop Tactics (2017) was coded in Unity.

Let's Build Buildings

I am General Counsel at Carbon, a Portland real estate development firm. Carbon builds beautiful luxury apartments, functional light industrial spaces, and prime office space in the heart of the city. And maybe a few other interesting things...

Let's Do Some Justice

Commercial Litigation. Deals. Contracts. Must-win cases of any kind.

I am an old school, practically-minded attorney comfortable in many different arenas, and I take cases to trial when justice demands it. And I win. In 2021, I successfull defended a $15m commercial receivership action at trial. I also successfully directed the technical efforts on a five-attorney trial team in a high-stakes software trade secrets action in Federal court. In that role, I lead the effort to uncover the technical evidence needed to prevail in our case, I developed our expert witness strategies, and I presented each of the techinical witnesses at trial (and cross-examined the bad guys).

You might be surprised to hear it, but most attorneys don't want to ever go to court. And I advise my clients all the time to avoid going to court at all costs. But there are some real sons of bitches out there, and sometimes the only way to reach a reasonable outcome is to put the dispute in front of a judge.

If you want a lawyer that will tell you to not go to court, but will win when you get there, give me a ring.

This Site's Future

I'll be posting a few creative works on this site in the coming weeks. I'm working on some online classes for Skillshare that I'm excited to publish. I've also got a series coming where I will analyze real estate deals and share my thoughts as an aid to people learning about property investment.

And of course, I'll be posting about video games and showing off the cool shit I make. Because in the end, in the words of my friend Devin Thompson, "I just want to make cool shit and chill."