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This dude ain’t fuckin‘ around. And neither should we.

A good way to get punched in your face is to talk shit to a violent man wearing no shirt and yelling “come at me bro!” Putin is that man. He’s had it with our shit, he’s revealed his glorious old man pecs, and he’s kicked off his flip flops. The guy is ready to rumble.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Italians are ready to issue sanctions—as are the Beligans—provided that those sanctions continue to permit the export of Italian luxury goods and Belgian diamonds to Russia, respectively. And of course, no good European wants to see their gas prices raised, so we won’t need to be touching any of that business either.

And what that does is set Old Vlad up to do whatever he pleases, because while the Europeans bicker over their pearls, and Sleepy Joe tells this joker that he’s had about enough of his malarkey, and Trump sucks Putin’s dick on Fox News, Putin is just going to invade a country, kill as many thousands as he needs, and totally get away with it.

I really hate to say it, but I think the only reasonable response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine—and the only response that can lead to a tolerable outcome—is to immediately take military action to protect Ukraine. The sanctions can only play out two ways: (1) they are too weak and Putin doesn’t care, or (2) they are too strong, and Putin gets pissed off.

Number 2 is what I’m worried about. Putin has a fully deployed and active military and he is prosecuting a war. Unless the Ukrainians can bog him down and wear him out, which is unlikely, then Putin will destroy the Ukrainian military and take political control of Ukraine within weeks. And I am worried about what an exercised Russian military will do when Putin decides that the West’s sanctions are unfair. Anything in the former USSR is basically fair game. Putin has a de jure casus belli here. It passes the sniff test inside Russia. And so I worry about backing the Russian bear into a corner and giving him an excuse to push further.

I think we need to stand up now, in the early days of this conflict, and knock Russian on its fucking ass. Murder, if I recall my law schooling correctly, is a crime. The most serious of crimes! And when you drive your tank into someone’s house and kill everyone, it’s still murder even if you do it in the name of Mother Russia. And while the United States is not the world‘s police force, goddammit we have the power and probably the duty to go help these people not get murdered.

Sanctions are all well and good but we need more powah if we really intend to stop the raging bear. We need to wound it—to actually injure the damn thing. There are many ways to do this but the whole point is that the injury inflicted needs to be painful enough to make them stop. All the sanctions in the world won’t stop Putin’s tanks.

A missile will though. Armor piercing rounds will. Destroying Putin’s ability to supply his troops in Ukraine would stop them. Declaring a no fly zone over Ukraine would help. Destroying his naval assets in the Black Sea would be fine.

But I think instead he is going to murder thousand of people and the world is going to essentially issue him a speeding ticket. There is clear right and wrong here.