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American submarine captains must have the biggest erection right now.

This is what we trained for, boys! Crazy Ivan!

We stand today at the highest level of risk for nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Putin is a stone cold murderer committing horrific crimes in Ukraine, and he has recently discovered that his military is nothing more than a band of thugs armed with shitty equipment. The Russian Military Industrial Complex has proven itself to be a corrupt and ineffective organization that has managed to divert to the pockets of various oligarchs and lesser corrupt individuals years of money meant for maintenance, training, combat readiness, etc. Putin is hardcore fucked because he started a first rate war with a second rate army.

The reality of this war is that the Russian military has been proven weak. Make no mistake, the Ukrainian military is today largely a NATO military. You have to remember that NATO was founded to counter the Soviets. The arms and armor that NATO countries developed over the past fifty years have been designed specifically to kill Russians, to counter Russian hardware, and to mitigate Russian advantages. We have man-portable missiles that can destroy any vehicle in the Russian arsenal with a single shot, and we have been arming the Ukrainians with these weapons and the requisite training to use them for years.

But let’s turn away from the ground war for a second to think about the Navy. The reason the Navy is in play in this war is because the Russians are losing their shirts, and for the first time in decades, they are rattling the nuclear saber. There is a non-zero chance that Putin is so fucked and so narcissistic that he might actually use nuclear weapons in some capacity to get what he wants. Here’s my case in support of that statement.

First, Putin has lost the war. Strategically, it’s a failure. He wanted to weaken the West, topple the Ukrainian government, and enhance Russian prestige. Instead he has unified the West, had his ass kicked in Ukraine, and has largely bankrupted Russia and had it canceled by the West.

Second, Putin is a murderous madman. He rose to power through murder, and he maintains power through murder. He is a cold, dispassionate killer.

Third, Putin is a narcissist or has a messianic complex. He wants to be Vladimir the Great. He is a Russian imperialist driven by some sort of nationalist/narcissist/religious belief that Ukraine belongs to Russia.

With all three of those things being true, we can expect Putin will be unwilling or unable to exit Ukraine with any dignity. Even if he “wins” by forcing the Ukrainian army out of the Donbas / Luhansk regions, it’s not at all clear that the Ukrainians and the West would permit him to end the war. Putin has committed too many crimes against the Ukrainian people for the West to permit that outcome above the objections of the Ukrainian people. They deserve justice, and the people of the West will not forget or forgive Putin’s atrocities easily.

One way for Putin to exit this situation is to force his way out with nukes. The threat of nuclear apocalypse is real. We are in completely untested waters if Putin decides to detonate a nuke to threaten the West into dropping sanctions or taking some other action. And that got me to thinking about submarines.

Our submarines are on the tip of our nuclear spear. We have ballistic missile subs that can fire nukes and we have attack subs that are designed to hunt down enemy ballistic missile subs. Tracking submarines is hugely important work. The USA needs to know at all times where the Russian nuclear missiles are, and the units best-designed to provide that information are American subs.

We have to expect that the games of cat and mouse and hide and seek that we have seen the movies are underway right now. It is more important today than it has ever been for us to know what Russian submarines are doing. And I bet you there are some sub captains out there who are having the times of their goddamn lives.

So with that being said, I think it will be Hunt for Red October followed by Hunter Killer.


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